Amanda Browder

Using intuition as an entry point to the common subconscious, I plan to create a translation via visual language that defines this liquid state that all humans experience.

I would describe my work as being soft sculpture/found object installation with an affinity for abstraction and minimalism. I use forms that are similar to the images in a comic book. Reduced, simplified, and reconfigured to be idealized and sensational. I appreciate the transformative nature of materials, and how the combination of familiar objects can create abstract relationships. These relationships generate open-ended narratives, and ambiguous situations that are defined by the choice of materials. Central to the psychedelic experience, I use bright colors and familiar materials to recreate this subtle change in perception.

Born in Missoula, MT in 1976, I currently live in Brooklyn, NY. I received my MFA/MA from the University of Wisconsin at Madison in 2001, and taught at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago from 2001-07. I received a Chicago Community Arts Assistant Program Grant in 2006 and 2007. I have exhibited nationally and internationally at the Nakaochiai Gallery, Tokyo, Japan; Lothringer 14, Munich, Germany; White Columns, New York; Mixture Contemporary Gallery, Houston, TX; The Missoula Museum of the Arts, Missoula, MT; Gallery 400-UIC, and The Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago. I am also a founding member of the art-podcast