Saturday, April 3 - Film Night with Jem Cohen

Celluloid, springtime, and surprises with filmmaker and long-time local Cohen, whose works and musical collaborations chronicle both fleeting urban moments and the dark march of history. The evening will include films by Jem and others.

Cohen's films include Chain, Fugazi: Instrument, Benjamin Smoke, and Lost Book Found.


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Ecstatic Events: Saturday March 20th

4-6 pm: “THE ALTERNATIVE ART SPACE MOVEMENT IN NEW YORK CITY,” a panel discussion with Erin Sickler, Herb Tam, Rob de Oude, and Emcee C.M., Master of None moderated by Mary Billyou. Among related issues, topics will include: Bypassing the Gallery System; Capitalist Economies in the Downswing; Sharing vs. Competition; Options & Models; and The Figure of the Artist Today.

Herb Tam is Associate Curator at Exit Art, NY, NY. In fall 2010, Exit Art will launch an exhibit on Alternative Art Histories.

Erin Sickler is the spring 2010 recipient of the Lori Ledis Emerging Curatorial Fellowship, a program to foster curatorial talent in contemporary art.

Rob de Oude is an artist and a founding member of Camel Art Space.

EmCee C.M., Master of None is an artist who often combines large-scale public, social and collaborative event-based projects with a more internal process of self-reflection through fiction, storytelling, and filmmaking.

6-7 pm: TOYS N TINY INSTRUMENTS bring their kazoos, calliopes, and castanets to the convent chapel, making head-bop pop-rock fun times.

7-10 pm: "’DIAMONDS IN THE SKY,” film and video screening curated by John Passmore

Using Tom Gunning's concept of a "cinema of attractions" as a leitmotif, John Passmore presents “Diamonds in the Sky” a one time, never-before-never-again, collage-y , whirl-wind partial tour of the history of cinema. The program spans the early formal experiments of Classic Hollywood Cinema to rare archival materials representing the conceptual programs of the avant-garde, as well as a mix of video by single channel artists working today. “Diamonds in the Sky” explores how each work - separately and together - investigates life's various pattern-systems.

Low-Resolution Stories and Chatter Blip

"Low-Resolution Stories," live cinema with Jenny Vogel and Ofri Cnaani
followed by music from Chatter Blip

Friday, March 19, 7-9 pm
(wine will be served starting at 6 pm)

The former convent of St. Cecilia’s Parish
21 Monitor Street, Brooklyn, NY

Low-Resolution Stories
Ofri Cnaani will use one of her DIY moviemakers to create a series of real-time movies. ‘Vanishing Woman’ deals with magic, trickery, the dawn of cinema and the archives of the Israeli Kibbutz movement.

“The Cruelty of Pirates” is a story of low-resolution encounter that offers an intimate reading of contemporary loneliness. Live-streaming video projections in the stutter-step language of webcameras result in a display of light signals that suggest an unknown code, some unknown message. The story is old: a man and a woman and the innate desire for love.

Drawing from the archive of her grandfather’s tape recordings Jenny Vogel creates a DIY opera that weaves together her family’s history and fiction to tell a story of tragedy and loss.

TURN TABLE by Ofri Cnaani
Turn Table is a live image and sound improvisation session. Using two and three dimensional objects, music boxes and other tiny toys Cnaani will assemble real time movies.

Chatter Blip
CHATTER BLIP is a duo performance piece by Chuck Bettis (electronics/voice and Dafna Naphtali (electronics/processing/voice) -- an interstellar multi-character audio operetta involving a multitude of human, alien, and machine voices, in a mash-up of primal and classic sci-fi and electro-acoustics...

Subway: L to Graham Ave stop - walk down Graham towards BQE, turn right on Richardson St., turn left on Monitor St., convent is located on left after school

Bus: B43 to Graham Ave and Richardson St.

Ofri Cnaani
Jenny Vogel
Chatter Blip