AUDIO LIGHT LEAP, Wednesday, February 29, 7-10 pm

With works by Caroline Burghardt + Amanda Tiller, David B. Smith, and Audra Wolowiec
Arts@Renaissance, 2 Kingsland Ave, Greenpoint, Brooklyn (off Graham L stop)

Double Oval Fantasy presented by David B. Smith. This piece layers Bob Ross's monotone yet supportive voice with two spotlights that shift hue and position according to his use of paint. The image from the 200th episode of The Joy of Painting is removed, opening a space of possibility and imagination. The large room, filled with Ross' voice triggering shifting colored lights provides a chance for meditation on creativity, positivity, and loss.

Listening Loops presented by Audra Wolowiec
What does it sound like to listen? Can you hear someone hearing?
Interdisciplinary artist Audra Wolowiec will present a participatory event that explores listening through altered medical devices. This experiment in connective listening both join and separate while allowing participants to hear internal sounds just below the surface.

To Be Determined: Caroline Burghardt and Amanda Tiller present a mash-up collage musical movie, the narrative of which is drawn from classic Disney romances. The original songs will be replaced with well-known songs taken from other live-action musical movies. This video performance is a revision of our childhood notions of love seen through our jaded adult eyes. Audience members are encouraged to join in and sing along. BYOB encouraged, popcorn provided.
(screening at 8:30 & 9:30 pm)


A-Maize-ing Grain: Sunday, February 26, 12-4 pm

2 Kingsland Ave, Greenpoint, Brooklyn (off Graham L stop)

Suko Presseau, farm-educator for McEnroe Organic Farms in upstate NY, along with Caroline Burghardt present a family friendly food and crafts day that will explore Maize (corn) through a variety of hands-on activities. There will be information on the history of the cultivation and use of corn; activities of grinding cornmeal through traditional and contemporary techniques; cooking and eating corn cakes; an interactive cornfield landscape drawing with scarecrow which will be used as a photographic backdrop and as an education tool to discuss farming; and a coloring area with corn-themed pages. Children welcome with parental supervision as well adults who like corn and farms!


30 – 30 Vision

At 7pm Thurs March 1st, 2012, Round Robin Collective will present 30-30 Vision, a program of experimental films and videos exploring medicine's charged relationship to the body. Showing work by both mature and emerging filmmakers, the works delve into fantasies surrounding photography's proximity to rational study, the social structures control, and left-over institutional spaces of empty corridors and rooms. Filmmakers Barbara Hammer, Caitlin Berrigan, Katherin McInnis, and Mary Billyou will be in attendance for conversation afterward.
Program is as follows:

Vital Statistics of a Citizen, Simply Obtained, Martha Rosler, 1977 (shown as a loop)
1-9, Mary Billyou, 2008
Concoctions, Caitlin Berrigan, 2004
Underexposed: The Temple of the Fetus, Kathy High, 1994
Shelter, Katherin McInnis, 2012
Sanctus, Barbara Hammer, 1990

TRT: 105 mins.
Near the Graham Ave. L subway stop.
This screening is supported by a grant from NYSCA's Electronic Media Presentation Funds.


Paper Snowflake Workshop Day - Sunday, Feb 19, 12-4 pm

We would like to invite you to a day of fun and crafts and art! Tap into your childhood or bring a child (you can probably borrow one).

Let's make what may be the only snow storm this 2012 winter. We are building a PAPER SNOWFLAKE BLIZZARD. Bring on the storm, bring on the snow!

Caroline Burghardt, Shannon Finnegan, Lisa Leighton, Deirdre McConnell, Breanne Trammell, & James Weingrod are building a collaborative interactive installation of not-just-paper snowflakes & we want you to participate. Flakes have been forming since the "Hospitality" exhibition started but the storm will really get going on our installation workshop day, Sunday, February 19 from 12-4 pm. The installation and activities will be at Arts@Renissance, 2 Kingsland Avenue, Garden Level (off Graham L stop), Brooklyn, NY 11211. (It's through the gates down the stairs and through the courtyard - look for our signs.)

We invite you to bring flakes from home or come make some with us. The flakes can be any color (preferably white, blue, grey, pastels but Cheeto orange is great too!), any kind of paper (regular, metallic, clear, tissue, etc.), or any material you fancy (paper, wire, fabric, yarn, etc.). We have materials but feel free to bring your own (especially scissors - we have a limited number).

We will have coffee, donuts, and other treats to warm you up and keep you going.

This is an ALL AGES event. Kids welcome (with parental supervision).

If you can't make it Sunday you can bring or make them any time you visit the show. By the end of the exhibition we will have the wildest, most colorful storm this winter!


Prismatic Vortex – Sewing Day Sat Feb 18th 1-5pm

2 Kingsland Avenue, Garden Level, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Join Round Robin Collective member Amanda Browder on Saturday, February 18th from 1-5pm for a collective sewing day to make a large scale
 fabric installation in the Art@Renaissance space. Donate / Trim / Sew / Install - all of these processes will be different acts of sculptural collaboration in the making of a fantastic new piece. Learn how to sew, donate your extra fabric, or chat with your neighbors. Bring yourself, bring your fabric, and contribute to a community-driven collaboration.

Contribute your unused fabric to help make the piece! We are making a fabric vortex and we need a lot of materials! We are looking for cotton, sheets, pants, and non-stretchy fabric in all colors and/or patterns. Donations of sewing tools such as needles, thread, and scissors would be greatly appreciated too. Recycle your fabrics into a spectacular piece of collaborative art!

For questions or to arrange donations, contact amandabrowder@gmail.com or ailsa.cavers@gmail.com or pop in and drop off donations to any Round Robin event planned on the calendar :

If sewing is not your interest, help cut the sections of fabric to make this large scale art work!

Help sew with easy straight stiches on a sewing machine - All levels of experience are welcome and tutoring is available! Together we will to physically bind the donated fabrics into an awesome shape!

CONVERSE – Help cheer on people working, make new friends and meet other community members, learn and collaborate
It will be a fun day of volunteerism and artmaking! Bring your craft-loving family members and friends! All groups are welcome: kids, families and elderly friends!


Four Solo Shows at Hospitality

Round Robin Collective members Amanda Browder, Christopher Rose, Caroline Burghardt, and Mary Billyou will each be exhibiting work for one week at the exhibit, Hospitality, beginning February 14th and ending March 11th. Works on view during events only.

Amanda Browder: February 13th – 19th 
Christopher Rose: February 20th  – 26th 
Caroline Burghardt: February 27th – March 4th 
Mary Billyou: March 5th – 11th.


Meet Me in the Bathroom

Thursday, February 9, 7pm
Arts @ Renaissance
Garden Level
Brooklyn, NY

Please join Bad At Sports interview Swedish artist Nanna Nordstrom about her stay in NYC as part of the Apex Art Residency Program. The podcast will be recorded live in the former shower room of the Old Greenpoint Hospital, now part of Arts @ Renaissance. See (+ hear) you there!


Heart-Breakers and Lonely-Hearts Party

Sunday, February 12, 7-10 pm
Arts@Renissance, 2 Kingsland Avenue, Garden Level
Hosted by the RR Gang for Hospitality

We invite you to come break our heart, a piñata heart that is, and share music about love lost, love gained, love revenged, and everything in between. We have made a big beautiful piñata heart filled with sweet candies that we invite you to come bash to your hearts delight! We will also have record players and a hook up for your iPod and we invite you to share your favorite songs about love, life, or space travel, anything goes as long as it’s good!

BYOB to drown your sorrows or rejoice with. We'll also bring cupcakes & invite you to bring snacks or sweets to share - the more cracked out on sugar we get the better!


On the Social Contract Reading Group

Arts @ Renaissance, 2 Kingsland Ave., Brooklyn, NY (Garden Level)

Tuesdays February 7, February 21, and February 28
Starting at 6-7pm, and going for a few hours.
Hosted by Mary Billyou

Reading Group : On the Social Contract by Jean-Jacques Rousseau

“Man was born free, and he is everywhere in chains” – these are the famous opening words of the treatise by Jean-Jacques Rousse
au that helped inspire the writing of the United States Constitution. Rejecting the view that anyone has a natural right to wield authority over others, Rousseau argues instead for a pact, or 'social contract', that should exist between all the citizens of a state and that should be the source of sovereign power.

During these three meetings, we will read sections and discuss "On the Social Contract," by Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Collective reading allows for the ability to enter into difficult texts that might not be as easily accessible on an individual reader's level.

Reading Schedule

Feb 7: Book I (entire)

Feb 21: Book II + Book III (entire)

Feb 28: Book IV (entire)

Organized as part of the exhibit, Hospitality.