Out of the Woods

February 19-21, 2011

Opening Reception: Sunday, Feb 20, 4-8
Open Hours: Saturday, Feb 19, 12-5
Monday, Feb 21, noon-4

ACRE Projects
1913 W 17th Street

OUT OF THE WOODS features drawings inspired by Christopher Rose’s summer residency at ACRE and marks his first exhibition in Chicago since leaving the city in 2003. India ink drawings of old growth forests and highway traffic accidents populate Rose’s current project. Working from an ever-growing archive of photographic source material Rose creates densely patterned landscape drawings and acrylic paintings on plexi-glass. These works engage a labor-intensive process to translate vacation snap-shots and news media photos into intricately detailed patterns, digital abstractions and stylized silhouettes.

All works were created between August 2010 and February 2011.

This three day exhibition will be held open-studio style with the artist present Saturday and Sunday, February 19-21, 2011


MARK IT! at Norte Maar

Audra Wolowiec has work in the show MARK IT!
Organized by Austin Thomas to celebrate her public art project for the Historic Moore Street Market in Bushwick.

Norte Maar
83 Wyckoff Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11237
opening February 18, 6 - 10pm


Tonight: Studio Visits & Pow Wow

7pm at Janos' studio on Morgan.

1st Up: Stephanie Rothenberg
2nd Up: Janos Stone
3rd Up: September show at CAMEL Art Space


Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology is Indistinguishable From Magic – An Exhibition by Janos Stone

Opening TONIGHT!!!
6-8pm Dumbo Arts Center, 30 Washington St., Brooklyn, NY

Janos Stone will install a monumental sculpture of immense scale — bisecting the entirety of Dumbo Arts Center on a diagonal.

Made of 112 3’x3’ gypsum board polyhedra, the sculpture, at first sight, reads as a hugely enlarged image of a reclining skeleton. Printed on the gypsum "MeCube” tiles are more than 550 Youtube and Vimeo stills of night skies from around the world, acting like the pixels that form the image of the skeleton. The entire installation measures 11.5'x1’x82'.

“Digital visual language begins with the pixel,” says Stone. “This tiny polyhedron is the primary structure of digital images and allows us to see and connect with each other in the virtual world. When this contact occurs through the digital fourth wall, we bring in aspects of ourselves, exchanging atoms for pixels. This connectivity creates avatars, extensions of our actual world persona who act as our ambassadors inside the virtual world.”

This constant travel across the actual and virtual border reinforces this fact: pixels and atoms are arguably one-and-the-same as we are all made of, and interact with, these fundamental building blocks. When the viewers engage with this piece, by stepping in closer or further away, they move in and out of micro and macro universes. They begin to sense our deep connectedness with the analog, or natural, and the digital world.

The title of the installation refers to Arthur C. Clarke's Third Law. A science fiction author, inventor, and futurist, Clarke formulated the Third Law to explain the source of our amazement as our limitation, rather than the impossibility of technology.

Originally curated by Corinne Erni to take place at the Hungarian Cultural Center, the project was canceled at the last minute due to political upheaval in Hungary. DAC and Two Trees are proud to champion the creation of this ambitious art and are excited to present the installation at DAC’s space at 30 Washington Street.