Collaboratively Made NYC Short Docs

Sunday, December 4 at 7:30pm, Audra Wolowiec, Mary Billyou, & Katherin McInnis will be presenting their collaborations, A Conversation, and At Sea, at Union Docs

New York City has a rich history of artist groups working together in a variety of ways. Exploring local issues as well as the universal, these collectives, collaboratives, and other partnerships utilize unique structures of organization and production. Tonight we will showcase short docs from a variety of contemporary local groups: the Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective, Round Robin Artist Collective, Internets Celebrities, Meerkat Media, and Rumur. While their subject matter, tone, and approach may differ, they all offer something exciting and unique to our rich landscape of group production.

Members from each organization in attendance to present shorts and participate in a group discussion. $9 suggested donation.

Come on by!