Pie Party + Open Discussion on Artist Housing

The third + final event of Round Robin Collective's show LIVE / WORK SPACE at Camel Art Space on Friday. Bring a pie! Apple, cherry, chicken, chocolate cream, whatever!!!! Sample pies + show off your pie! At the same event, we'll also have an open discussion about living + working conditions of artists in NYC. 

Topics include:
- What's the difference between SoHo + North Brooklyn?
– How is our experience today different from the 1970s?
- How did loft markets develop into loft-like condominium markets?
- What is A.I.R.?
- What roles do artists play in generating revenue for the city?
- As artists, what agency do we have in the development of communities?
- As artists, what rights do we have?

Camel is located at 722 Metropolitan Ave., 2nd Floor; at the corner of Metropolitan + Graham, at the Graham Ave. L stop.

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